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Maritime Provinces Regional Advisory Process
Stock Status Reports

-- Pelagics (1996-2000) --

The following is a list of the Maritime Provinces Regional Advisory Process pelagics reports. The number in the year column refers to the document number and blanks indicate no document was produced for that particular year. An electronic version of the most recent documents are available in ".PDF" format. In order to read the electronic versions, the application Acrobat Reader must be used. A version of the Acrobat Reader may be downloaded free of charge.

Help on the Adobe PDF format

To obtain an electronic version, just click on the document number. In regards to earlier documents, copies may be obtained from the source indicated on the Stock Status Report home page.

Stock 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Herring, 4T 96/10E B3-01 B3-01 B3-01 B3-01
Herring, 4VWX 96/18E B3-03 B3-03 B3-05 B3-03
Herring, 5Z 96/36E     B3-05  
Capelin, 4VW 96/35E B3-06      
Spiny Dogfish, Subareas 2-6 96/76E   A3-35    
Porbeagle Shark 96/33E   B3-09 B3-09  
Blue Shark 96/34E        
Mako Shark 96/32E        
White Shark          
Basking Shark          

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