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  Welcome to Ocean and Ecosystem Science

Ocean and Ecosystem Science (OES) is a compendium of scientific information and data generated by science staff working on oceanographic, environmental, ecological, and fish conservation issues along the east coast.

Oceanographic Sampling aboard the CCGS Hudson

OES features information on oceanographic monitoring and research programs that are developed by the Ocean Science Division (OSD) (Maritimes Region) to increase the understanding of ocean phenomena/processes in support of the management and sustainable development of marine resources.

Launching Towcam

Research programs related to the monitoring, conservation, and protection of aquatic habitats are also an OES focus, with the Ecosystem Research Division (ERD) contributing content on chemical, physical, and biological conditions which affect sustained economic utilization of renewable aquatic resources.

 » Ecosystem Modelling
 » Operational Remote Sensing
 » Organic Chemistry
 » Particle Dynamics
 » Sampling & Monitoring Equipment
 » The Gully Marine Protected Area
 » Deep Sea Corals Atlantic Canada

 » Deep Ocean Studies
 » Turbulent Mixing
 » Sea Ice Studies
 » Computer Atlas of the NW Atlantic

 » Coastal Hydrodynamics
 » Classification of Maritime Inlets
 » GLOBEC Canada
 » Ice / Ocean Forecast
 » Minas Basin Sea Level
 » SeaHorse Moored Profiler

 » Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program
 » Bedford Basin Plankton Monitoring
 » Offshore Oil and Gas (COOGER)
 » Ocean Model Development/Application (COMDA)
 » Centre for Ocean Satellite Salinity (VCOSS)

 » BioChem
 » CHS Tide, Current & Water Levels
 » Coastal Temperature Climate
 » Contaminants (NCIS)
 » Near Bottom Currents
 » Oceanographic Databases
 » Offshore Oceanographic Climate
 » Subsurface Drifter Velocities Database (SDVD)
 » WebDrogue Drift Prediction Model
 » WebTide Tidal Prediction Model

 » OES Seminar Series
 » Bedford Institute Seminar Series

 » Department Links & Partnerships
 » OES Contacts
 » OES Publications
 » OES Staff Directories
 » ERD Home, OSD Home

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