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The Campod is a light weight, three-legged platform equipped with a video system similar to that installed on the Video Grab. For very high resolution colour imagery of the sea floor, a 35mm Nikon F4 with two high speed flashes was mounted on the frame. The Campod shares the Video Grab's cable and handling system, but being much lighter, can be handled by a much smaller deck crew.


Designed primarily for making images of the benthic environment, the configuration of the device focuses on minimising its hydrodynamic presence in the field of view of the cameras. The Campod's open profile and wide stance, supported on three spindly legs, achieves this goal, while providing stability and sufficient separation for proper illumination.

The inability of standard methods to sample the flocculant material seen resting on the sea floor, led to the development of the "Slurper". Samples of the fine particulate material resting on the seabed are obtained using a specially designed suction sampling device. Hydraulic damping is used to lower the pump head of the Slurper after the Campod has landed, so that flocs on the sediment surface are not disturbed before sampling. An incident flow of water through an acrylic collar, generated by a screw moving a flange along a plastic cylinder, suspends and samples the floc layer.

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