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The Coastal Mixing and Optics ARI Program is an oceanography program to study the mixing of ocean water on the continental shelf, and the effect of the mixing on the transmission of light through the water. An experiment will be done in 1996-97 southeast of Montauk Point, Long Island.

There are two "Primer" programs closely related to the CM&O program. These programs involve ocean acoustics on the shelf, and will participate in the experiment. These acoustics programs are the Synthetic Aperture Sonar Volume Coherence primer, and the Sound Propagation from the Continental Slope to the Continental Shelf primer.

All of these programs are sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research.


Profiling with EPSONDE on the R/V Oceanus in September 1996

EPSONDE Data and Information

This web site is maintained for the use of participants in the Coastal Mixing and Optics (CMO) program sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The contents of this site include raw data and preliminary analyses which, pending publication, are considered proprietary by the program participants. The availability of these data and analyses on this web site does not imply permission for anyone outside the program to use these data. Permission must be obtained from ONR and the individual investigator before these data may be used for research purposes outside the scope of the CMO program.

R/V Oceanus Voyage 287
4-18 September 1996
Cruise Report Event Log Data Summary
R/V Oceanus Voyage 309
30 July - 13 August 1997
Cruise Report Event Log Data Summary
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